• Earth Day Craft Project~for Kids

    In honor of Earth Day we have several ideas to make things fun leading up to April 22, 2012.  This is intended to be a fun and inspiring series so that you can share with them the importance of environmental responsibility in a way that promotes conversation. Make sure to check out our Organic Garden Party for Kids with 7 yummy recipes. Remember, you can share these ideas and books at your children’s school as well.  Here is the first project!

    How to Make a Litter Bug

    What better way to save the Earth than teach future generations how to help? This is a wonderful project to do with your children that will allow for environmental conversation and teaching. This is also a great opportunity for class moms to promote environmental awareness by teaching a group of children how to make a litter bug. This project promotes green living, teaches children about the risks of littering, reinforces the importance of recycling, and provides a fun piece of art to take home to Mom and Dad.

    The only things necessary for making a litter bug is a segment of an egg carton and glue. All of the other items are completely up to you, but should be recycled – caps, plastic lids, lolli pop sticks, old buttons, packing popcorn, etc. Just check your recycle bin and save a few things.

    You can start by teaching the group about the affects of littering. Next, talk about how long some of the items they are using to create their litter bugs would sit on the earth in a landfill. For example, you might want to share with the children that it takes about 500 years for some plastics to biodegrade. You can easily add little facts like this while teaching how to complete the litter bug, making this a fun and educational project.

    Give each student a single segment of the egg carton. This will be the litter bug’s body. After that, the students should be able to dig through the recycled materials for objects that can be used for body parts. Straws make great legs, and water bottle lids look fantastic as eyes.

    The more interesting things to be used for body parts the better. Try to bring in things like bottle caps, magazine cut-outs, Christmas ribbons, and old buttons or beads. If you can glue it onto the egg carton, then go for it! Keep plenty of glue around for this project that is sure to teach and entertain.

    Materials needed:

    Egg carton
    Recyclables~caps, packing material, magazine cut-outs or whatever small thing you can find.
    Reuseables~buttons, ribbon, beads ect..

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    1. These are great ideas!I will for sure forward that to my sons’ teachers!I will be waiting to see the rest of the projects as well!thank you!

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    4. I may use this in my classroom on Earth day! Thanks for sharing.

    5. The Earth day is approaching! I’d like to announce the publication of a post about recycling on my website: I’ve collected 100 ideas to recycle and re-use in creative ways some stuff you can find in everyone’s house and that is usually trashed. i wrote the post in Italian, but the linked tutorials are in English! Hope you like them!



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    7. It’s posts like this that keep me coming back and checking this site regularly, thanks for the info!

    8. great post as usual!

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