• Eat More Kale ~ It is Good For You

    Why we should eat More Kale

    Kale has a lot of health and nutritional benefits for our bodies. The varieties of kale available include dinosaur, ornamental and curly.

    I use kale a ton in my recipes and smoothies. The vegetable is a family member to broccoli, collards, Brussels and cabbage. Kale is great raw or cooked so have fun!

    Health benefits

    ➢ Detox properties

    Kale contains nutrients and minerals that help our bodies in detoxification. The detox process of cleansing and removing toxins helps to optimize brain function.

    ➢ Digestion

    The organic vegetable is rich in fiber that helps in digestion and maintains frequent bowel movements (yes, I am talking about poop!). The magnesium in kale will help you keep things moving ladies so try to get it in there. It also helps to curb overeating and lower blood sugar. Kale also helps in cleaning the digestive tract and when cooked it reduces the risk of heart disease.

    ➢ Anti-cancer benefits

    I use kale because it is a great source of anti-cancer compounds. Carotenoids and flavonoids are some antioxidants in kale that help to combat cancers including colon, bladder, ovary, and breast and prostrate. In addition, glucosinolates are found in the juice and provide cancer-preventive benefits.

    ➢ Anti-inflammatory

    Anti-inflammatory properties in kale are brought about by the presence of omega-3. Vitamin K is present in abundant amounts and helps in regulating our body’s inflammatory process. It may help in reducing our risk of chronic inflammation.

    ➢ Cell formation

    Due to the presence of iron, kale can help our bodies in formation of enzymes, cells and hemoglobin. It can also assist our bodies in proper liver function and oxygen transportation.

    ➢ Cardiovascular properties

    Kale lowers cholesterol thus increasing the performance of our bodies. The juice is good defense against other cardiovascular disorders and heart disease.

    ➢ Calcium absorption

    The lack of oxalic acid makes calcium absorption more available for the body. This is one of the best sources of Calcium.

    Nutritional benefits

    1. Vitamin K content
    2. Vitamin A content
    3. Vitamin C content
    4. Phosphorous
    5. Copper
    6. Manganese
    7. Potassium
    8. Calcium

    How to Eat more Kale

    I use the vegetable to make soup with onions, garlic, potatoes and carrots. Making Kale chips in a dehydrator is also be a good way to add more kale to our diet. We can add it to our salad, sauté it or bake until the leaves are crispy. Sometimes I mix it with pasta to give the meal a distinct taste and of course I add it to smoothies on a regular basis and most of the time kids can never tell that the green leafy veggie is in there. Shhhhh!


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