• Flip Flopping

    Colorful and charming, FLOPS are bound to become the new darling of the comfy shoe set, just like its predecessors Uggs and Crocs. Created with all natural Brazilian rubber and resembling a traditional flip-flop in style, FLOPS were created by Dr. Sylvie, an eco-minded Beverly Hills podiatrist with a passion for this beloved summer style.

    Natural rubber comes from the rubber tree (unlike synthetic rubber) and is harvested by tapping into the tree to remove a milky sap from the bark. This process does not affect the tree and is not harmful to the environment. In addition, the natural rubber provides the perfect plush for the feet by allowing for increased flexibility and cushioning.

    Planet FLOPS come in array of funky styles and cool colors, including Chocolate Strawberry, Licorice and Pineapple. There are male, female and kids styles available and all the fun FLOPS are biodegradable and recyclable. The average cost for a pair is a mere $24, something to flip over.  Check out this weeks green giveaway to win a pair of flops for Mom (or Dad) and a pair for your kiddo.

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    1. Life is really just a continuous cycle of flip flops.

    2. Those look so cool!

    3. OMG would love a pair of these for me and my kids..they look amazingly comfortable!

    4. love this website….learning alot!

    5. Love it!

    6. How perfect for summer! And goes perfectly with a Boho Chic Balloon Bag, whatcha think? http://www.revealshop.com/products/boho-chic-balloon-bag

    7. Planet flip flops are just what my daughter needs!

    8. Cool! Green and comfy! Just my style!

    9. I really would love a pair for me and my son. We only were flip flops in the summer

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