• G.Y.M Show~Pump up the Preservation


    Though it might seem like an acronym for a new fancy workout center, G.Y.M. actually stands for Green Youth Movement and represents a group of students concerned about the environment. These young people are working together to promote an eco-conscious future while having fun in the process. G.Y.M. educates and teaches families and kids how to reduce their carbon footprint by using everything from shower timers to re-useable grocery bags.

    Emily Factor

    Christened the ‘green teen,’ by media outlets, Ally Maize, the founder of G.Y.M. recently upped the ante on promoting and preaching the power of personal responsibility in creating a happy habitat by organizing the “Green Initiative-Humanitarian Fashion Show.”

    Lizzie Parker

    This Hollywood fashion event included clothing from designers like Emily Factor (granddaughter of famous makeup titan Max Factor) and created more eco buzz in the world of style and sustainability. Factor, who claims a “passion for preservation” utilizes reclaimed materials, non-toxic dye, organic and zero animal products in her flirty and feminine frocks. Factor presented many of her ethereal designs alongside other eco-designers like Lindee Daniel’s Puridee and Lizzie Parker. It was a fashion show that spoke to saving the planet and being stylish simultaneously.


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