• Green and Gorgeous! Eco-friendly Fashion

    The fashion industry is undergoing an eco-makeover as more and more celebrities, designers and professional stylists, seek to be fashion-forward and environmentally conscious. There are no style-sacrifices when dressing in earth-friendly fashions as many designers have migrated away from the mainstream and into working with sustainable fabrics and materials.

    Organic lines are fashion forward with the look involving contemporary wrap dresses, skirts and other flowing and flattering styles. There are soft blouses and hip jackets. Fun prints and rich colors. Interesting cuts and cute details. There is no more frump in eco-fashion unless you want it.

    Green fabrics have just as much eye-catching currency in terms of aesthetic appeal, and many of these sustainable styles are multi-taskers and have more than one benefit.

    The Best Fabrics for Earth-Friendly Fashion

    1. Organic cotton is renewable, biodegradable, and non-toxic. Conventional cotton is pesticide-ridden and the chemicals that leach into the soil or water get emitted as toxic gas and can actually remain trapped in the clothing and on the wearer.
    2. Bamboo fabric has antibacterial properties and wicks away sweat from the wearer; bamboo is an abundant material and is made using the pulp of the fast-growing bamboo plant. It can be woven into fabric that is soft and silky as well as breathable. Bamboo creates luxurious fabric and it works well in dressier apparel.
    3. Organic wool is biodegradable and renewable.
    4. Wood pulp is a popular material, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant and is harvested from cellulose.
    5. Corn, another eco-fair fabric is durable and biodegrable, its corn sugars are fermented into polymers and then woven into a fiber known as Ingeo; used in everything from T-shirts to carpets.
    6. Soy, a byproduct of soybean oil, has proteins, which are woven into a light jersey-like material that is drapes over the body and offers a flattering stretch.
    7. Recycled polyester is environmentally sound and lowers demand for oil and causes less waste. Traditional polyester is a polymer-a plastic and plastic does not easily decompose in landfills and the manufacturing of polyester contributes to the exhaustion of the world petroleum supply and the dyeing process adversely impacts groundwater and wildlife.

    Other green fabrics include, hemp, Jute and modal.

    Eco-fashions can be just as glamorous, striking and beautiful as traditional fashion, and offers a plethora of environmental benefits. Green clothing is typically created sans pesticides and petroleum and is traditionally manufactured with energy saving production methods. Green clothing has made super-strides style-wise and the growing demand for green has created a surge in eco-friendly fashions.  Eco-fashion labels are important to look for when shopping green.

    Clearly, as more and more people become aware of the long-lasting ramifications of clothing creation disregarding green materials and production methods, there will be a greater desire for the greater good; thus, more and more modern fashionistas will choose green designers and green apparel, and the end result will be a much prettier planet.

    Eco-Fashion Buzz Terms

    • Fair-Trade: Promotes the payment of a fair price to workers and higher environmental and social standards
    • Earth-friendly: Constructed from sustainable or biodegradable materials.
    • Cruelty-free: No animal testing or unjust labor practices.
    • Organic: Clothing created from organic and pesticide free materials.
    • Reborn: Created with recycled, reclaimed or re-purposed materials.
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