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    Many people think turning a home or a lifestyle into a green conscious one will be costly, but this is not the case; you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability. Think recycled, reused or repurposed to go green in your own abode or your office. The key is to get innovative. Browse thrift and vintage stores for chic collectibles or even go to the local lumberyard to peruse for a wooden tabletop or a “timber” art piece.

    An interior designer, Wendi Smith, started a business perfectly synchronized with the thrift store ideology. Her consignment meets recycling business, Leftover Luxuries (leftoverluxuries.com), sells lightly worn furnishings, accessories, decorative items and clothing. Her company strives to be an “agency for change” and to give people the opportunity to “get the things [they] really want.” Her company, spreading across the US, capitalizes on the concept of one person’s leftovers are another person’s luxury.

    And a home is not a home without some element of super soft and snug. Organic cotton, hemp, linen and soy are just a few of the eco-friendly fabrics on the market that can make a home cozy and comfortable. Many of these fabrics are biodegradable, renewable and non-toxic. Moralfibre carries a wide range of environmentally and ethically friendly fabrics and clothing based on home spun and home woven techniques. They use unbleached and natural dyes as well as wool and organic cotton. And many other designers are putting their own spin on organic fabrics and eco-conscious materials that are perfect for outfitting a home.

    Fabric designers like Nancy Mims, who is the creative director of Mod Green Pod (modgreenpod.com), creates original designs which are a mix of her own unique style and trendy textile background; she sells to retailers and manufacturers around the world. Her “healthy home” mentality helps to inspire funky and eclectic designs for fabrics to be used on tote bags, wallpaper and textiles.

    Another pair of designers with a green focus includes Suzanne Lovell, an interior designer who pooled her talents together with Sam Kasten, a handweaver of custom textiles, to create Twill Textiles (twilltextiles.com). Their company uses a palette of nature inspired hues and produced the Climatex Lifecycle Home Collection, a line of luxurious, sustainable eco-friendly fabrics designed for the home. This collection is safe for the environment and completely sustainable.

    A designer also taking the organic design business by storm, Harmony Susalla creates fabrics with personality, which are organic, and fair trade. Many fabric companies, cotton companies and natural sewing companies sell designs from Harmony Art (Susalla’s business, harmonyart.com). Her pigments are synthetic, her fibers are certified organic and the fabric is Fair Trade Certified. And despite the assumption, her parents were not hippies, but her name is a perfect fit for her line of work.

    In addition, Echoes in the Attic, which uses the slogan, ‘reuse, recycle, refashion’ offers amazing handbags, pillows and other decorative items that inspire the idea of creating ‘salvage savvy’ items. Other designers, who are marrying the chic and conscious design aesthetic, include Kat Boon who creates cushions, wall art, bags and scarves from recycled fabrics. Susie Maroon, who specializes in nostalgic and historical design items with ethical leather, vintage and tweed, and Matt Pugh who creates contemporary furnishings and accessories with sustainable materials.

    It’s also easy to make a home more energy efficient and hip by creating a “water wall” using Mason jars filled with colorful dyes that sit in west-facing window; these water “vases” will absorb heat during the day and release it at night.

    For some truly artistic and energy-saving lighting options, check out the selection at eleek.com. They offer chandeliers, vanity lighting and lamps made from recycled aluminum, bronze and steel. Utilizing natural materials like bamboo for a shade and stone for a lamp base, are also examples of eco-fun and eco-friendly lighting. Other ideas include using salt lamps, candles and glass blown and cork lamps or fused bottle and glass lamps (check out the selection at: vivaterra.com).

    Going green is mostly about awareness. It takes minimal time and effort to create a space that is both environmentally and people friendly. Living green is all about inspiration, dedication and determination. Eco-conscious art, décor and furnishings are easy to find and even create. The planet will thank you.

    Go to Hip Moms Go Green Tv  for a great video on Green Interior Design.

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    1. […] See the original post: Green your Décor! | Hip Moms Go Green […]

    2. Thanks for the mention! It is an honor to be a part of this post. Another company you may want to know about is http://www.oliveiratextiles.com who has some lovely nature inspired prints. Also, for solids, I would suggest http://www.oecotextiles.com
      Thank you!

    3. I’d have to second Harmony’s recommendation of Oliveeratextiles – they have a great collection of fabrics as does Rubie Green. And Acanthus in Portland has a wide collection of green upholstery fabrics. As does Amenity, who is now selling their fabric by the yard! http://www.urbansherp.com/amenitys-modern-organic-fabric-by-the-yard

    4. Wow, this is great! It’s amazing how these designers are putting their own spin on organic fabrics and eco-materials. I’m not much of a homemaker, but it’s great to know these stores/designers who are making efforts to create beautiful things that are non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable. Last January, we wrote a 31-day series on living a greener, healthier life and we talked about greening one’s indoor air, switching to CFLs, etc. Had I known about these stores earlier, we could have dedicated one post to home decors! Definitely passing this on. Thanks!

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