• Introducing Our New Cosmetics Expert~Sabrina Posillico

    Sabrina was born in Rome, Italy in 1974 and immigrated to the United States a year later. Her mother, from a tiny town in Italy, was an early source of inspiration for her, using natural remedies and concoctions throughout her childhood. “I remember her using rosemary-infused olive oil on her skin and how amazing it smelled,” recalls Sabrina.

    Later she was fortunate enough to travel the world through modeling and international social work. She was always introduced to the latest in skin care technology, but inevitably found herself inquiring about natural beauty secrets within the local culture. These experiences gave Sabrina a unique perspective on skin care, one that blended modern science with ancient healing practices.

    Sabrina’s passion for natural practices intensified after she lost several family members to cancer. She realized her relatives that had remained in their small towns in Italy were living longer, healthier lives than those who had moved to the states and that the food we eat and the products we use have an incredible impact on our well being.

    Changing her diet to natural and organic foods, free from chemicals and preservatives, was not that difficult, however finding beauty products with the same standards was nearly impossible. Sabrina repeatedly found that even products claiming to be 100% natural still contained parabens, petroleum-based ingredients and other chemicals. She realized there was a need for high quality, truly natural products and so Healing Anthropology was born.

    As founder and president, Sabrina is involved in every aspect of Healing Anthropology, which includes working closely with ethnobotanists and clinical herbalists to formulate every product. She feels very passionately about creating skin care products that are truly pure and healthy, yet still luxurious and effective. As proof to the efficacy of the products she is still modeling at 35 with girls half her age! She has also always been passionate about the environmental and social health of the planet and this comes out in every aspect of the company.  We are thrilled to see what Sabrina has to share with us!  Check out Healing Anthropology on FACEBOOK!

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