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    For many of us with younger children, we spend 5 mornings a week for 36 weeks out of the year going through the same routine. Get ‘em up, get ‘em dressed and fed, make ‘em lunch and get ‘em out the door; it can become almost robotic. Sometimes we don’t have time to think- we just do.

    For example, have you ever stopped to think about how many sandwich bags you use? Chances are you use a whole heck of a lot. The average mom probably goes through at least 2 a day per child. For a mom with 3 kids, that’s about 30 per week. So during the school year alone, that adds up to 1,080 baggies that will probably wind up in the trash despite your efforts to re-use. We know you mean well, but sometimes there’s just no preventing them from getting into our landfills and oceans by the thousands.

    Pouch Pals is a company that was created by “Mom-Entrapeneur”, Allison Cohen, who decided a few years back that something had to be done about the sandwich baggie epidemic. The idea is brilliant- durable baggies made of 100% cotton fabric exterior, lined with a water-resistant nylon interior that are completely safe and re-usable. And the best part is, after lunch, your kids won’t want to throw them out because Pouch Pals are just as cute and fashionable as their lunch boxes! When purchasing from the online store, you have your choice of 15 different designs for your eco-friendly sandwich or snack-sized baggies.

    Not only are Pouch Pals a great alternative to disposables, they will help save you money and time in the grocery store. And, of course, it’s a fun and smart way to help you busy moms go Green!

    Get a Great deal of 20% off an order of 3 or more bags from 8/9-9/5.  Coupon code: HIPMOMS

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    1. But what do you do with friut like strawberries? Do the chips and preztles stay fresh? I use a tupperware to keep them fresh and they won’t get smashed.

    2. these are very cute ways to be more <a href=eco friendly. i wish they had these when i was a kid.

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