• Jessica Alba Interview about The Honest Company

    Have you heard of PLUSH (the Posh Little Urbanites Show)? Well, I had the best seat in the house at this event right on the red carpet.

    The PLUSH Show took place on June 10th 2012, at the Vibiana, in Los Angeles. PLUSH is a baby and toddler products and party planning services show tailored to the all the posh, modern & eco-conscience parents in LA, who are always setting the next big trend. See some of the highlights from the show here….

    Title sponsor for the 2012 Plush Show were Jessica Alba, Brian Lee and Christopher Gavigan creators of eco-friendly, organic venture The Honest Company. They launched the Honest Company in January 2012, offering an eco-friendly line of family essentials (diapers and wipes, bath and body care, and household cleaners). Created by parents, The Honest Company is committed to making safer products more convenient, beautiful, and affordable and to providing exceptional family support that promotes health, happiness and community.

    I was invited to this exciting event and had the pleasure to exclusively interview Jessica Alba, a Golden Globe-nominated actress, and Brian Lee about The Honest Company, revealing really interesting information. Here is what I discovered at PLUSH…

    How did you come up with the idea of the Honest Company?

    J.A.: When she was expecting her first daughter she did a lot of research on babies’ products and her mom told her that there were special soaps to wash the babies’ clothes in. She said, “trust me, I am your mother”. Jessica decided to clean her clothes with it as well and started itching on her skin. This is when she realized that all of this needed further investigation. She started doing research and realized how toxic so many products were. Something needed to be done and the idea of Honest was born.


    Jessica Alba and Brian Lee

    N.K.: What kind of impact do you want to have on mothers with the Honest Co?

    J.A.: “I think really spreading the word and having a dialogue. To create awareness about the ingredients that are in products. Also, there are over 40 chemicals used in everyday products in the US that are banned in Europe. I would like mothers to speak to their state and local government to create this change here.”

    What other products are coming out?

    J.A.: “Another great thing about (Honest) being online is we have a direct relationship with our customers so when they say ‘hey, I would really like you guys to make x or y’ we actually can make it. So our customers want us to make deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrushes” and “that is what we are working on doing right now”. She also said that when you call that number you get a person and Jessica has been known to take some customer calls herself.

    One of the highlights of this event was also meeting Brian Lee, co-creator of The Honest Company. He has a wonderful business mind that I love!

    When asked about the concept of Honest he said,

    B.L.: “The whole idea of the Honest company was let’s roll back time when products were pure and natural again. Right here in the USA.” And also “Our mission is to, lets save as many children as possible. It’s a big mission.”

    What about their vision?

    B.L.: “For us, we want to build a big business not necessarily to just for the sake of building a big business but, if we can show these very large CPG companies, these multinational consumer product companies that there is a huge demand for pure, natural and organic then we force them to change their formulations as well and we all win in the end.”

    And the product design? It is definitely modern and fresh and the diapers are in fun prints like skulls and crossbones, plaid, ice cream cones, etc. Jessica said that this was important to her because she never understood why they “had to have all of these crazy characters on them or just brown”. I totally agree which is why one of my favorite things about The Honest Company is that the product design looks great sitting on the counter. No more hiding “Mr. Ugly” under the sink!

    It should be mentioned that for less than $20 a week you can get diapers and wipes that are non-toxic and they are 35% more absorbent than conventional diapers. This is something that they are very proud of because Jessica says, “If it doesn’t hold the babies business then there is no point to it”.

    In this economy I am thrilled that the Honest Company has made affordability an important part of their mission. To bring safe products to everyone at an amazing price is no easy feat. They accomplish this by making all of their products in house. Brian Lee explained how this is possible, “Christopher Gavigan who has spent his entire adult career in this world (former CEO of Healthy World Healthy Child). So when they were ready to start the company he already had all of the formulations developed. We only offer the products online. So instead of going to another retailer where the margins are more and more difficult we spend more money on the ingredients instead of the supply chain by going direct to the consumer.”

    Another thing that is really interesting is that on their website http://www.honest.com they offer the opportunity of “bundle and save”. In 3 easy steps you can get safer, better products. What it offers? When you sign-up for the convenient monthly subscription you save up to 35%!

    How does it work? First of all, you choose you preferred bundle and the Honest Diapers and/or Honest Essentials will be delivered to your door every month. You answer a few, and fun, questions to help the Honest Company customize your experience. Last, but not least, you personalize it monthly: you choose the products you need, and want, the most and your first bundle is ready!

    Isn’t that great?

    I also wanted to give props to the wonderful Laura Reynoso who is my “go to” girl for all things photography because she is magical!  She is a Phoenix based “lifestyle” photographer whose passion for people, love & light transcends into images which capture hearts and creates life long treasures. She is a “glass is full” kind of gal and whether capturing environmental portraits of families & children, weddings, or beautiful displays of food, her work reflects the true extreme joy she has for her work and an uncanny ability to connect with pretty much anyone. She is a devoted, funny & loving mommy, wife & friend. You can connect with Laura on Facebook at www.facebook.com/laurareynosophotography or send her a sweet note and say hi at laurareynosophotos@gmail.com.

    Here are some other great shots of this beautiful event and a few of the celebs attending….

    Scout Masterson and Bill Horn (aka “The Guncles”) and baby Simone

    Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Best Baby on the Block

    Elisabetta Canalis





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    2. I’m so inspired by this company and by Jessica Alba. What a story! I share her passion for healthy alternatives for kids and accessible options for parents. I created my own line of organic bedding: Dream Child organic bedding for kids.

      Now, to work on looking as good as Jessica Alba does in that polka dot dress (*sigh*)!

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