• Peach Dream Maca Smoothie ~ Gluten and Dairy Free

    This Peach Dream Smoothie taste like a dessert.  You can be sure it is full of nutrients though because Maca powder is the world’s best Superfood.  Maca is high in protein, known to increase stamina, regulate hormones, and combat fatigue.  It also has a nutty butterscotch flavor that goes well in many combinations.  If you have a Vitamix this will work wonders because it blends to perfection.

    1 Cup Organic Rice Milk
    1 Cup Frozen Organic Peaches
    1 Organic Banana
    1/2 T. Maca Powder
    1 T. Coconut Oil
    1/2 T. Pure Maple Syrup

    Place all ingredients into the Vitamix and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

    Find your Maca Powder here:
    Maca, 16 oz/1lb (raw, organic)

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    1. Looking forward to trying this one. Sounds delicious!

    2. Thanks Tessa…..you will love it:)

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