• Raw Cafe Mocha w/ Almond Whip Cream ~ Breakfast Coffee

    I am in love with this drink.  When I find myself pressed for time in the morning this is my remedy.   I happen to be one of those people that has to have coffee before I eat.  This gives me quite a bit of nutrition and protein to get my day going.  I like it hot or iced.  The Raw Cacao give you tons of antioxidants, calcium, and magnesium. Mesquite powder is high in fiber, nutrients and has the ability to help control blood sugar. Note: make the whip cream the day before because the almonds must soak overnight.

    For the Cafe Mocha:

    1 Cup coffee
    3 oz. almond milk
    1 1/2 T. raw cacao powder
    1 tsp. mesquite powder
    1 tsp. vanilla
    1 tsp. raw can sugar or maple syrup

    Place all ingredients into the Vitamix. Blend until well blended. Pour into coffee cup. Add ice if this is what you prefer.

    For the Whip Topping:

    1 Cup Almonds
    1 tsp. vanilla
    1 T. maple syrup

    Soak almonds overnight. Drain the almonds. Place the almonds in the blender with a little bit of water. Blend. Add a little water at a time and continue to blend until smooth and creamy. Add the vanilla and maple syrup and blend. Save in the fridge for future use.

    Buy NOW:

    Cacao (Chocolate) Powder, 8 oz, Organic, Raw

    Cacao (Chocolate) Powder, 8 oz, Organic, Raw
    Mesquite meal, 16oz, Peruvian (raw, certified organic)

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    1. Thought the drink tasted GREAT! Butttt……. I have NO idea how you got your cream to sit on top like that??? Any suggestions?

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