• Rice Quesadillas with Potato, Peppers, Onions, and Swiss Cheese

    I love these quesadillas for brunch, lunch, or breakfast.  It was a perfect combo with the food that was served at the Organic Garden Party for Kids that we just had.  I also saved some and put them in lunches for my boys too.


    rice tortillas
    Cascadian Farm Country Style Potatoes, thawed
    swiss cheese
    Herbamare seasoning
    grape seed oil

    1. In a skillet pour a little grape seed oil and saute potato mixture until slightly browned. Remove and set aside.
    2. Pour a little grape seed oil into skillet and add a rice tortilla.
    3. Spread the cooked potato mixture across the tortilla and top with Herbamare seasoning and swiss cheese.
    4. Cover with another tortilla.
    5. Flip the quesadilla over when the bottom tortilla is slightly browned.
    6. Cook the other side and remove.
    7. Cut into wedges with a pizza cutter and serve.


    Make sure you enter to win this fantastic gift basket provided by Cascadian Farm with a simple click. I hope that you have fun making an organic feast with your crew. This was a wonderful day! Good luck……

    Other recipes on the menu for our Organic Garden Party for Kids~

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    All of the amazing photos are shot by Laura Reynoso Photography.

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