• Sophie Uliano Does it Again!

    Following her first two hits (and a couple of my absolute favorite reads!), “Gorgeously Green” and “The Gorgeously Green Diet”, Sophie Uliano has done it again for all the green ladies out there! New York Times’ Bestseller, “Do it Gorgeously” is a must-read for any any woman who wants to live a healthy, eco-conscious life… fabulously.

    Uliano’s intent with this book is to reach out to the average woman, and teach her how to save money, reduce, reuse, and recycle all with the use of common sense. Inside, you’ll find easily-explained lessons, tips, tricks and dozens of Do It Yourself projects, including how to keep bugs away by brewing up some completely organic smelly pest spray! She even has instructions for how to sew a button by hand, how to paint a perfect room (non-toxic of course) and how to make a wine cork kitchen board made out of your favorite wine corks!

    Sophie has been making her own products for years, and wants to share all her secrets with us. The “ins and outs” of eco-friendly DIY can be tough, as often we just don’t know where to begin. This book will tell you exactly where, and how to be efficient and creative at the same time.

    10% of book-sale profits are being donated to CanswerLink, an organization that provides non-toxic housecleaning to cancer patients for free. Imagine saving money, respecting our precious Earth, taking pride in your new creations and contributing to a great cause all at the same time! Pick up “Do It Gorgeously” and Sophie Uliano’s other books at your local bookstore or Amazon.com.  This will be one book you’ll be picking up again and again!


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