• Strawberry Lemonade~Packed full of nutrients!

    There is nothing like a refreshing lemonade in the summertime.  My boys actually love this drink all year round.  This is a-ok with me because little do they know it is packed full of green leafy Kale.  Kale is loaded with nutrients like the best form of B vitamins, antioxidants, vitamin C, A, K, and contains ITC (isothiocyanates) among many others which aids in our detox pathways.  I always add coconut oil to my smoothies because of its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-fungal healing properties.  It boost the immune system and is wonderful for the skin and hair.  Enjoy your summer with this yummy drink!

    All ingredients are organic:)

    2 Cups filtered water
    1 T. coconut Oil
    1 T. organic pure maple syrup
    2 T. fresh or bottled lemon juice
    1 Cup Kale or large handful
    1 bag of strawberries
    add a few blueberries to cut the “green” color (if it matters to your children)
    add Sun Is Shining – Green Superfood (raw, organic & wildcrafted ingredients) for total goodness…
    Throw all ingredients into the Vitamix and blend until very smooth. You can also try variations of fruit and also spinach with it too.  Enjoy!


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    34 Comments On This Post

    1. thanks nic! i’m going to blend it up right now, sounds perfectly delicious :-)

    2. Do I HAVE to use the vitamix, or can I use a blender? Come on, I know I’m not super green/healthy guy, but vitamix? What is that?

    3. This sounds incredibly yum! I’m a big fan of coconut oil as well – definitely will put it on the drinks menu at home (I think my husband will love it too). Thanks!

    4. I just shared this on my fb page…I think my kids will LOVE this recipe. I’m going to the store today…I’ll pick up the ingredients!

    5. This one is next on my list to try!


    6. How big a bag of strawberries? I assume they’re frozen?

    7. I am looking forward to making this recipe but am curious what size bag of strawberries to use and how much does this make?

    8. It sounds really good, but do you refer to “T.” as table spoons, tea spoons, or other? Thanks a lot!

    9. I added 1 Mexican avocado and it is pure delish!

    10. Where can you find coconut oil? I’ve never used it before, but definitely am interested! Is there a brand you recommend?

    11. Hi Jenna~ you can find coconut oil at the health food store or online. Like Whole Foods:)

    12. Yes Majka. Tablespoons;)

    13. Hi Emily,
      I use an 8 oz. bag:)

    14. […] I have. Excluding the week I was out of town, I’ve had some kind of smoothie-with-greens 3-4 times a week. I’ve even tried a couple of different recipes. Kale has been used. Who knew it was good with strawberries?  […]

    15. Do you use the coconut oil that has a coconutty flavor or the one used for cooking?

    16. Usually Spectrum Coconut oil. It has a slight coconut flavor.

    17. Why do you put coconut oil in it?

    18. Hi Becky, I love coconut oil b/c it is so good for you. We not only use it for food but also for the skin. See here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mercola/coconut-oil-benefits_b_821453.html

    19. Can I use baby spinach instead of kale? This looks fabulous!

    20. What is a good alternative for the coconut oil..coconut makes me sick

    21. Krista, you can just omit it from the recipe. It does not give a coconut flavor if that is the part that makes you sick. It is just so beneficial in many ways. Enjoy! Nickie

    22. Hi Tori,
      I use spinach all of the time in smoothies and it works just as well as kale:)

    23. just curious, how many servings does this make?

    24. 3-4 servings depending on how much you pour…

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    26. Looks delish! I just pinned this. :)

    27. Wll the strawberry lemonade smoothie look like the picture? I think I could try it especially if it looks as good as the pic. How much do you taste the kale? I am weird about tasting new things but am working on a healthier diet.

    28. I’ve made this a couple of times and it never comes out anywhere near this color. Mine is more like a rusty brown. What’s your secret??

    29. […] If you have time, check out this great site where the recipe information came from Hip Moms Go Green […]

    30. How many servings will this recipe make?

    31. […] Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie […]

    32. How do you add the kale (or spinach) without getting a green tint? The only way I can hide spinach is if I am mixing blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Anything else and I get a lovely shade of green… Please advise!

    33. […] 12. Strawberry lemonade smoothie […]

    34. Hi Rebecca,
      It will make 2-3 servings depending on the glass size.

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